Clean Up Day October 7th: The town of Washington is having its October Clean Up Days.  If you have any questions ask Bill.   

Town of Washington

Clean Up Day October 3, 2020

COVID is still here and we ask you to respect the attendants at the Recycling Center. We will have drop-off boxes for your items and if possible bring small bills so we do not have to handle too much money. The less contact we have with each other the better. The Center is open from 9 am-3 pm. Dave and Bill will be there to help unload and show you where to put your items. This is our 3rd Clean-up Days and each time gets easier and more organized. We appreciate it if you do not take items from friends or family who do not live in Washington Township. Gordie Grossen is kind enough to take our items to Green County Landfill but we try to keep it down to one trip. Recycling Center is one of our township’s most expensive areas to keep going and we appreciate it if you keep it to Washington Township Residents.