Census 2020.com Fill it out online:  Jerry Huffman sent this from the US Census Bureau. I've been working across Southern Wisconsin for just over a year now helping organize communities to assure your towns get their best possible count.   I won't bore you with all of the reasons but the main one is money. Much for federal aid is tied to a community's population. If your population is up from ten years ago you'll likely receive more federal funding. If it's down, it's also possible you couldlose funding. And none of us want that to happen.   We could use your help by finding creative ways in your area to let folks know the census is out there and going strong. For the first time, the census is online and will likely take you less than ten minutes to fill it out. Our website is: 2020census.gov.You can also call 1-800-330-2020 and they'll help you fill it out. Eventually, door-to-door teams will come to your home to assist you also.  

Town of Washington

Recycling Center Covid-19

Washington township Residents,

Bill has opted to stay at the Center to make sure you all are not bombarded with recycling at your home in the next few months. Bill will be signing all of you in so no one has to touch the same table, pen or paper. We ask that you please dispose of your recyclables yourself and try not to touch anything but your own items. Bill will be there to guide you and advise but not touching anything. Please make sure you thank him for wanting to have the center stay open. 

Thank you , Nannette Hilliard (Town Chair)