Clean Up Day October 7th: The town of Washington is having its October Clean Up Days.  If you have any questions ask Bill.   

Town of Washington

Well Water Testing in May

We are offering Well Water Testing for all our Washington Residents.

Pick up testing bottles at Town of Washington Recycling Center

Dates: May 19, 9am-3pm 

           May 22, 9am-3pm

Drop off Date:  Monday, May 24th, 2021 from noon-2:30pm  ( WATER SAMPLE MUST BE TAKEN FROM THE FAUCET DAY OF DELIVERY)


1. Choose one, two, or three of the test options. 

2. Pick up and pay for your drinking water testing bottles. CHECKS MADE OUT TO, GREEN COUNTY UW-EXTENTION

3. Drop off your water samples on Monday, May 24th at the Town of Washington Recycling Center. 

Test 1- Bacteria and Nitrates $55

Test 2- Metals-Arsenic, lead, copper, and zinc  $52

Test 3- Triazine-type Pesticide Screen – Diaminochlororiazine DACT  $33